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The Coaching Development Center (CDC) was established by Dr. Jeong-Keun Park (Founder/President For 9 years) on November 7, 1998. Dr. Park officially opened the CDC at the gymnasium 210, which is his office at Hoseo University. The CDC was a non-profit organization established to contribute to the development of sports through scientific research and education on coaching as well as to contribute to the promotion of sports in Korea. The mission of the CDC was to improve the quality of elite, youth, and elder-sports coaching in Korea. In January 2002, the official name was changed to the Korea Coaching Development Center (KCDC). The KCDC is neither a school nor college, but is the only institute researching and providing information for coaches in Korea.
Many university professors, students, coaches, and sport administrators are associated with the KCDC. Over 100 Korean university professors connect with this institution and over 1,000 coaches, undergraduate and graduate students, and other members of the sporting community are members. The demographics of the KCDC body are as follows: 1 President, 10 Vice Presidents, 1 General Secretary, 100 Directorial Board Members, 40 Editorial Board Members for the Journal of Coaching Development, 25 Editorial Board Members for the International Journal of Coaching Science, and 6 branch offices (which will extend to 16 branch offices in the future).
The KCDC has four categories of members
“Regular” members are professors, coaches, sport leaders, and graduate students who pay $ 50 annual fee
“Student” members are undergraduate students who pay $30 annual fee
“Directorial” members are individuals who pay $100 annual fee
“Life-long” members are individuals who pay $400 life long membership fee
The founding members agreed to the following the KCDC objectives
Enhance the quality of coaching at every level of sports
Apply, promote, and utilize sports research in the field of training and competition, especially coaching
Promote sport coaching as a profession
Support the critical role of the coach
Create and implement effective coach education systems
Promote academic and social networking among members
Exchange knowledge, expertise, and information in the field of coaching>
Improve relationships between coaches and athletes
Promote sports, sports values, and a moral code in coaching
Publish professional publications in the field of coach education
The KCDC holds seminars and workshops and contributes articles in the newsletter of the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) and Korea Football Association (KFA). The workshops and seminars are golf clinic, counseling, regular seminar, international conference and sport camp.
By hosting both the KCDC and the Secondary School Education Training Institute at Hoseo University, the softball certification program for middle/high school P.E. teachers and coaches was held at the field of Hoseo University for 10 days from July 24 to August 4, 2000. The KCDC gave Advanced Level ertifications to 20 P.E teachers and coaches after passing theoretical and practical tests.
The KCDC publishes a quarterly coach magazine, academic journal, a biannual international journal, and books that relate to coaching.
The Coach and Journal of Coaching Development are published quarterly every March, June, September, and December. The International Journal of Coaching Science is published every January and July.
The COACH is an official newsletter of the KCDC and provides much information for coaches in the sporting fields. The contents include columns on the following: coach interviews, coaching science (training, biomechanics, psychology etc.), women in sports, special features on successful national and international coaches, athletes’ preferred coaches, and skill training and strategies in each specific sport. The COACH has been evaluated as an excellent magazine for providing practical information for coaches.
2. Journal of Coaching Development (JCD)
Sport science journals are at times very difficult for coaches to read and understand. Because of the gap between coaching and sports science, coaches do not often receive beneficial information. Thus, it is necessary to modify journals to better meet the needs of coaches. The aim of JCD is to bridge the gap between coaching and sports science. This journal was made accessible to coaches by integrating theory and practice in sports science and translating knowledge into working practice. The first issue of the journal was published in 1999. The journal started then publishing biannually and has been published quarterly since 2005. The Korea Research Foundation selected the journal as a registered candidate journal in September 2004. Upon its registration, the KCDC published the JCD quarterly every March, June, September, and December. This journal is categorized as a coaching specified review journal. The journal represents field research, skill training and strategies in sports, a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods, and case studies of work between sports scientists and coaches. The journal also encourages the submission of papers, which may have been presented in a forum or conference.
Coaching young athletes Management for coaches
Coaching elite athletes New trend in sports training
Coaching for elders Coach education
Coaching for leaders Career in sports coaching
Coaching athletes with disabilities Coaching ethics & philosophy
High performance coaching: psychology Effective use of statistics
High performance coaching: training Social perspectives in sports coaching
Performance analysis Coaching and nutrition
Skill training and strategies/tactics Coaching and women
Rehabilitation for athletes Coaching and laws
It in sports coaching Coaching and environment
3. International Journal of Coaching Science (IJCS)
The iIternational Journal of Coaching Science is a joint project of the ICCE (co-publisher: John Bales) and the KOREA Coaching Development Center (co-publisher: Jeong-Keun Park), under the direction of co-editors Dr. Phil Sullivan from Brock University in Canada and Dr. Jeong-Keun Park from Hoseo University in Korea.
The International Journal of Coaching Science is a scholarly journal presenting rigorous, peer-reviewed research on the science of coaching. The journal began publication in 2007 with two issues (January and July), and will soon be published quarterly. The studies included a variety of scientific fields focusing on coaching, including psychology, pedagogy, training, biomechanics, and management.
An invitation to join Korea Coaching Development Center (KCDC)
The 2008 (KCDC) Korea Coaching Development Center will be having it's 10th Anniversary Global Conference on November 7-9 2008.
This conference is critical in the development and promotion of improving skills of coaches and athletes. Enhancing the quality of coaching and applying, promoting, and utilizing sports research are just a few of our rganizations fundamental goals.
This year's theme is "Research and practice in coaching and coach education".
Attending this global conference will be international sport and exercise science experts, key note speakers, coaches, and sport administrators. We welcome this exciting time and ask you to be in attendance at this highly anticipated event this coming year.
KCDC 10th Anniversary Global Conference
Korea Coaching Development Center November 7-9 2008
International Council for
Coach Education
Noa Technology Hoseo University Baseball Deveopment
Research Institute

Registration information
Registration must be through our official website. www.ikcdc.net If you run intoany problem, please contact the secretariat at pedakim@knu.ac.kr The on-line reagistration system will close on Sep 30, 2008 local time. All registrations received after this time will be considered as on-site registration. For the benefit of lower registration rates, it is strongly recommended to make early registration by July 31, 2008.

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1. GST is included in all conference rates as the conference is "consumed" in Korea.
2. The email address of KCDC is pedakim@knu.ac.kr for all inquiries.
3. Refunds Policy;Cancellations will be accepted up to 30th September 2008. Up to this date fees paid will be refunded minus an
......administrative fee of $100. No refunds will be allowed after 30th September 2008.
4. Presenters must register and pay for a full 3 day conference registration prior to being placed on the Program - that is
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This allows the committee arranging the Program to use all THREE DAYS for placing of presentations.
5. Withdrawals will not be accepted by email or phone after 1st October 2008.

Cancellation and refund policy
Cancellation must be notified in writing to the secretariat. Please refer to the following cut-off date for cancellation. All refunds will be made after the conference for administrative reasons. Bank charges will be deducted from the refunded amount.
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