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[TKD News] The 3rd Sport Taekwondo International Convergence Conference


▲ The Official Poster of 'The 3rd Sport Taekwondo International Convergence Conference'

'The 3rd Sports Taekwondo International Convergence Conference,' hosted by the World Taekwondo(President. Dr. Chungwon Choue), and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Jeollabuk-do province, Muju-gun county, and Taekwondo Promotion Foundation(TPF), will be held from Tuesday 29th to Wednesday 31st August at Doyak Center Narae-hall of National Taekwondowon.

The conference, which consists of academic conferences of the two alliances and will be held one after another, will be held under the theme of the future of Taekwondo.

by 권석무 Seok-mu Mason Kwon

The Conference of the Korea Coaching Development Center

Topic: Convergence and Coaching Science for Future of Taekwondo

Thursday 31st 2023

The academic conference organized by Korea Coaching Development Center(Director. Jeong-geun Park) will be held at Doyak Center, Narae-hall, from A.M. 09:00 to P.M. 05:30 on Thursday, 31st August.

The events will be started by ▲Opening Ceremony(Host. Gi-jin Kim) △Opening declaration & introducing(Jeong-geun Park) under the topic of <Convergence and Coaching Science for Future of Taekwondo>.

▲The 1st Part Morning Section(Host. Jeong-geun Park) was constructed in order the △A Biomechanical Approach to Taekwondo Technology(Siddhartha Bikram Panday) △The Psychological Effects of Taekwondo Poomsae(Jin-ho Lee) △The way for Future Generation Development of Taekwondo(Na-rae Son) △The Changing Future of Taekwondo(Gyeong-seob Kim) △The way for Internationalization of Taekwondo(Lin Man-Hsu) △The Relationship between UNESCO and Taekwondo(Keon-sik Heo) △Question & Answer and Discussion under the topic of <Future-oriented Convergence Science and Internationalization of Taekwondo>.

▲The 2nd Part Afternoon Section I(Host. Ju-sik Park) was constructed in order the △Eun-hyeong Jo(Senior Researcher of Korea Institute of Sports Science; KISS) under the topic of <A Fair Score Assessment Method for Taekwondo Competition>. And △Panels discusstion & plenary debate(Jeong-uk Yun, Jin-a Nam) are also scheduled.

▲The 3rd Part Afternoon Section II(Host. Ji-hun Jo) was constructed in order the △Types of Damage and Performance of Taekwondo Athletes(Seung-taek Lim) △The Ankle Damage Mechanism of Taekwondo Athletes(Ju-pil Go) △The Ankle Damage Exercise Rehabilitation of Taekwondo Athletes(Nam-wung Kim) △Training to improve Taekwondo performance(Gyeong-seob Kim) △Question & Answer and Discussion under the topic of <Sports Medical of Taekwondo>.



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